Past Events

2024 RSGB 50 MHz Trophy

Photos by Phil and Jan.

2024 RSGB CW Field Day

Photos by Phil and Mike.

2023 RSGB HF Field Day and 144 MHz Trophy

2023 50MHz Trophy

Jan, Steve, Phil and Molly at Bignor Hill.

2023 NFD CW

Mike G3VYI reports: We has a good NFD at Dave’s , thanks to Dave and Jeanette for the hospitality ! We managed 1070 ish QSO’s see the incoming logs at

Logfiles received NFD (

not arf bad !

Winner of RSGB AFS Super League 2022/23

For the third consecutive year, we are the winners of the General Clubs section of the AFS Super League.

RSGB SSB Field Day – 3/4 September 2022

We also operated in the 144 MHz Trophy Contest – but the Jan’s Spiderbeam was so exciting that I forgot take any photos of the VHF operation!

Photos by Jan and Russell.

RSGB IOTA Contest – 30/31 July 2022

Winner of the RSGB IOTA Multi-Op LP DXpedition Trophy (1st Place M1/2 LP UK Dxpedition), operating G4ALE/P from the Isle of Wight. RSGB Contest Results IOTA Contest 2022

RSGB VHF National Field Day – 2/3 July 2022

Second place in the “Multi Single” section: RSGB Contest Results VHF NFD 2022

With Mike and Phil. Photos by Mike and Peter.

RSGB 50 MHz Trophy – 18/19 June 2022 – Bignor Hill

With Steve, Mike, Russell, Phil & Molly. Photos by Russell & Sandra.

RSGB CW NFD – 4 June 2022

No photos, but 4th place in our section: RSGB Contest Results NFD 2022 (

RSGB 432 MHz AFS – 6 Feb 2022

Steve, Phil (and Molly), Jan and Russell braved the foul conditions on Bignor Hill. Did we do enough to win the Super League?

RSGB AFS CW Contest 8 Jan 2022

Report from Matthew M0JSB

On Saturday 8th January 2022 I took part in the annual RSGB CW AFS contest. Steve, G4SDM, very kindly donated his shack to me for this event. This was very welcome as the alternative would have been a cold and wet afternoon somewhere out in my car as I don’t have an HF setup at home. I was entrusted with the club callsign of G4ALE, so I was determined not to let the side down! I spent the first 40 minutes on 40m, mainly working GM stations, before switching to 80m for the remainder of contest. Most of my operating was search & pounce, but I did brave a short run of calling cq on 80m about halfway through the contest. I had hoped to break the 100 QSO mark for the first time in a cw contest, and I was delighted to end up with 126 contacts by the finish. Steve captured the historic moment of my first century on camera! An enjoyable afternoon for me, and special thanks are due to Steve for the loan of his equipment, and for the steady stream of refreshments that were provided to get me through the afternoon!

RSGB 50 MHz AFS Contest 17 October 2021

First place in the General Club section!

“A” team: G4EFT, G4SDM, 2E0PUT, G3SJX.

And also 8th with the “B” team: G3VYI, G4CTP, M0JSB.

RSGB Contest Results 50MHz AFS Contest 2021 (

RSGB 144 MHz Trophy Contest 4-5 September 2021

Report from Steve G4SDM

The weekend of September 4th/5th saw our third visit to Bignor Hill in 2021.
I have been up on Bignor before at this time of year when the harvest is being cut — the dust thrown up from the combine can be very unpleasant — fortunately the wind was in our favour blowing the dust away from us.

Weather conditions were nigh on perfect. A bit cloudy on Saturday, a tiny dribble of rain for 2 minutes and not exactly warm in the evening. Sunday was superb with a magical misty start which slowly cleared to give an almost wind-less wonderfully warm late summer’s day.

RF conditions were equally good for almost the entire 24hrs. Everything was up and running in the pop-up gazebo in good time for the start. Phil G4EFT, Russell G4CTP, Matthew M0JSB and myself -Steve G4SDM- shared working a good range of UK and European stations through the afternoon and into the evening.

All had left by 22:36 when I worked Eric HB9IAB/P in the Swiss Alps (French). Looking at his QRZ page it appears he was somewhere near 1600m ASL (Ben Nevis 1,345m!). Eric’s serial to me was 157 (I don’t know which section he was entering) so he wasn’t doing as well as some of the European “Big Guns” like DA0FF who, come Sunday when we worked them at 08:10 gave out 1038.
Conditions seemed to change on Sunday with better propagation to the South with Ana EA1IT worked at 10:14 in the morning.

Overall we logged 147 contacts across 13 countries – including all of the UK except GI.

Points – according to the log entry = 38573. Which, as of Tuesday evening, puts us 4th, as far as I can make out, in the Open Section claimed scores. UBNs are awaited!

Photos in the Gallery.

Results here. 8th in Open Section:

432MHz UKAC August 2021

AARC in 19th position out of 51, up from 20th.

RSGB Contest Results 432MHz UKAC 2021 (

VHF NFD 4/7/21

5th in Restricted Session of VHF NFD 2021.

Full results here.